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    A user's guide to the human genome

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volume 32 supplement p 75


David Haussler (University of California, Santa Cruz), Ewan Birney (The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) and David J. Lipman (National Center for Biotechnology Information) served as advisors during the development of this guide.

The authors would also like to thank the following people for their contributions: K.N. Lazarides, S.K. Loftus, E.H. Margulies, K.L. Mohlke, P.M. Pollock, R.B. Sood and J.W. Touchman (National Human Genome Research Institute); D. Karolchik and J. Kent (University of California, Santa Cruz); D. Church and K. Pruitt (National Center for Biotechnology Information); and M. Hammond and E. Schmidt (Ensembl).

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