David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Department of Human Genetics

Speaker Series - Spring Quarter 2012

Mondays, 11am - 12pm, Gonda Building First Floor Conference Room, 1357

Mon, Apr 09
Is BRI2/ITM2B the fourth familial Alzheimer disease gene?
Luciano D'Adamio, Ph.D., Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
Contact & Intro: Esteban Dell'Angelica, x63749
Mon, Apr 23
Study Design Considerations for Association Studies of Rare Alleles
Chad Garner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Epidemiology, Director, Bioinformatics Core, University of California, Irvine
Contact & Intro: Kate Wheeler, kwheeler@mednet.ucla.edu
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ABSTRACT: The use of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to measure genotypes is becoming routine in human genetics. Genomic sequencing can measure all of the genetic variation in a targeted region or full genome, and the new sequencing technologies have facilitated the sampling of genetic variation on the scale required for human genetic studies of complex diseases. It is now feasible to assess the distributions of rare and common alleles within human samples and between comparison groups. Genetic association studies of rare alleles, using the case-control study design, are taking up where GWAS have left off and there has been a rush to present new statistical genetic methods for association analysis of rare alleles. However, relatively little attention has been paid to the implications of using short read-based sequencing technology to measure genotypes. In this talk I will present some of the potential sources of bias in case-control association studies of rare alleles that can be attributed to the next-generation sequencing technology, and introduce remedies to avoid false positive results. The results have implications for the design of association studies for rare alleles and the choice of statistical method for analysis.

Mon, May 07
Sex, Drugs, and Mouse Genetics:
Sex differences in obesity, and Lipin effects on statin drug toxicity
Karen Reue, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Human Genetics, UCLA
Contact & Intro: Kate Wheeler, kwheeler@mednet.ucla.edu
Mon, May 21
Note Time & Location Change: 12:05pm Sequoia Room, Faculty Center
Derek Braun, Ph.D., Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Professor of Biology, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
Contact & Intro: Jenny Luna, mpluna@mednet.ucla.edu

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