UCLA Human Genetics Software Distribution

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Mendel v14.2 and v14.3

(1 July 2015)

Comprehensive Package for Exact Statistical Genetic Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Traits.

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Mendel Impute 2012

Software for performing genotype imputation by solving matrix completion problems [3, 7, 2] over a sliding window of SNPs.

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Vintage Mendel

Ken Lange's vintage statistical genetics software developed prior to 2000. Mendel 3.3.5 is still used when compiling SimWalk 2.91.


SimWalk2 v2.91

Stochastic Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Traits. Available analyses include: Haplotyping, Parametric Linkage, Non-Parametric Linkage (NPL), Identity-by-Descent (IBD), and Mistyping. SimWalk2 analyzes large pedigrees using MCMC estimation techniques.

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MicroMerge v2.00

Software for merging microsatellite genotype data sets.

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Vocabulon v1.0

Identification of conserved words in DNA sequence

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AUTOSCAN automatically creates data files, uses MAKEPED (converts pre-linkage format files to linkage format), DOWNFREQ (estimates allele frequencies from pedigree data), and PEDCHECK (Mendelian checking) programs and finally starts statistical analyses via the ANALYZE package. ANALYZE performs parametric linkage analysis (MLINK), nonparametric affected sib-pair analysis (ASP), family-based association analysis (TDT, HRRR), and homogeneity testing (HOMOG). Input files for AUTOSCAN are the pedigree files for all chromosomes,the disease model file, the number of loci file, and the ANALYZE input file.The AUTOSCAN also allows easy handling of several phenotype traits and trait features by only changing the disease model file after each run.

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Generic Genetic Studies Database

The Generic Genetic Studies Database (GGSD) is an open-source, web-integrated and relational database driven data management software package for large scale genetic studies.

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A program for fast maximum likelihood estimation of individual ancestry based on multilocus SNP genotypes

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